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Creator of the Luminously Fit 12 Week Fitness Guide

+ 6- Week At Home Fitness Guide

Fitness has always been one the most important aspects of my life, but my journey to leading a luminous life in this area was a long one. I’ve always been someone that has loved movement and exercise. In my mind in high school and college though, the longer you worked out = the better results you’d see. I was SO wrong and it only took me about 10 years to realize it. When I started my professional career, I no longer had an hour plus to workout a day and knew that there had to be another way. I decided to take my love for fitness to the next level when I got my certification as a Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist. This was the best decision I ever made because it pushed me to actually learn HOW to exercise and get an effective workout in just 30 minutes. I began doing more HIIT and weight lifting & it transformed my body. Not only did it change my body, it changed my life because I had more free time and mental space for the things I love – going to breweries with my friends, traveling the world, pretending I can surf, exploring the outdoors, taking a ukulele or pottery class at a community college after work (yes, completely factual), and if I feel the need to – lay in my bed for half the day doing absolutely nothing.

I want the same exact thing for you, too – to find balance so you can have as much fun as possible in life while still feeling amazing in your own skin & luminously fit. That's why I’ve created a 12 Week workout guide for you to help you get there & will be here every step of the way cheering you on!

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Creator of the Luminous Life Customized Nutrition Plans

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