"I cannot say enough great things about this program! I started off with just the macro plans and saw instant progress. I then bought the workout guide which made me feel confident in my work outs! I always tried working out & eating healthy on my own, and didn’t see much progress. Kate’s individualized macro plans, Nora’s killer workout guide & a group of support through social media has helped my progress, confidence and is a lot of fun! I highly recommend the program."-Lindsey R

"As someone who has always fluctuated with weight loss, I have tried many different diets... and to be honest, none of them worked for me. Some made feel drowsy, bloated, or I just would hit a plateau with them. About a year ago, I started following Kate and Noras Instagram page and was obsessed with all of their pictures of food, videos of different workouts, and many different peoples testimonials of results. As someone who works for a local small business, I love supporting other small businesses. Especially ones with younger people working their buns off to help anyone they can! Most of what I saw seemed so realistic for my day to day schedule. It was a matter of planning out my meals for each and every day that I needed a little help with. 
When I first spoke with kate, I told her that my schedule every day varies. I am a hairstylist who is almost always booked throughout the day and sometimes I only have about 5 minutes to eat something. Kate devised a plan for me to really never stop eating throughout the day which I was fully onboard with. She came up with a plan for me to eat small meals every couple of hours with me being able to have small snacks in between if necessary. I would wake up, workout, eat a somewhat larger breakfast, take a nap (that was a necessity for my daily routine lol), go to work and have small meals packed and ready to go. Those small meals consisted of protein bars, chicken sausage, sweet potatoes, tacos, and chicken wraps! Doesnt most of that sound so yummy too? I am not someone who says no to food. I love food. Who doesn’t? Kate’s nutrition plan is for the everyday person who wants to actually eat good food! She explained to me it’s just all about the portions. After a week of actually measuring out my ingredients it made me not feel so hungry all of the time. I was eating so many little meals that I was truly never hungry and wasn’t craving a huge meal when I got home from work at 9pm. Not only did my body feel better and less bloated but my energy was up so much more. I wasn’t feeling so drowsy throughout the day and when I was working out, I started working out harder than I ever have. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change, look no further. After two rounds I have lost 15lbs, have stayed toned, and feel the best I have felt in a long time. Kate will hook you up with best plan possible for your lifestyle. She has given me the best pointers that I now do without even thinking about it! Big shoutout to these gals killin it with this amazing program!"- Brenna D

"I would recommend this program to anyone! Kate was so helpful and available to help with questions. Everything from personal check ins to hand outs and private Facebook group hold you accountable to stick with this program. Kate is relatable and understands life happens she helps makes choices to stay on track."-Rachel R.

"Cannot say enough good things about Kate and Nora at Luminous Life! They have done all the research and have the personal experience with nutrition, specifically around counting macros, and fitness and break it down in an easy to follow plan so that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Their plans allow you to live your life and make your own decisions while giving you an amazing guide to make better decisions to help you get to your overall goals. Kate is always available to bounce questions and ideas off of and always has amazing and easy answers that you almost can’t believe you never thought of! Also the Facebook community is incredible - its an amazing resource with a group of people in a similar position as you, sharing ideas and motivating each other. If you’re looking for a long-term lifestyle solution, I’d highly recommend giving this a try!- Emily R.

"I highly recommend Luminous Life. I am a life long “dieter” I’ve tried everything...but they were always short term results then I’d go back to my old habits. In January I completed a nutrition challenge at Treadfit...I lost 10.4 lbs and 6.25 inches counting macros. I knew if I wanted to keep this up I would still need some help. I’d seen friends posting about Luminous Life and figured why not try it out. Kate & Nora are so welcoming and helpful! After my first cycle I was down another 10lbs. I did 2 more cycles and am still down 20lbs (I do have to measure myself) and I feel great! My clothes fit better, I feel stronger, and more confident in myself in the gym and in every day life. Yes, there have been (many) times when I have fallen off the wagon, but I can’t dwell on it and the girls are always positive and give such great advice. This program works! There are so many delicious foods, meals and exercises provided to help me achieve my goals. I’m not where I want to be yet, but this program has helped me come so far, and I will continue counting macros, making better choices and following their nutritional & exercise advice. Anyone looking to lose weight or just become a healthier version of themselves, this program is perfect for you!!"- Jenny K.

"I had a great experience with Luminous Life! The personalized nutrition plan helped me get back on track and closer to reaching my goals. Kate was quick to answer any questions I had, and her positive attitude made working with her such a pleasure. Highly recommend!"- Ashley G.

"I did a 6 week meal plan trial with Kate and cannot believe the success! She helped me to eat smartly, come up with healthy and filling meals, and still lose weight! I was able to eat more food in a given day because I changed my eating habits and chose healthier selections. Such a supportive group with amazing recipes! I plan to do another 6 weeks in late summer! Highly recommend!"- Rebecca D.

"I’ve had a great experience with Luminous Life. Kate has been so helpful in guiding me towards the appropriate macros for myself based on my goals. She’s always available to answer questions and it’s been helpful to see her daily routine as well. Working with Kate pushed me to try new foods and make healthier food choices and I feel great as a result!"- Kelly S.

"Luminous Life has honestly changed my life! After two cycles of the nutrition plan I lost 20 pounds and have changed my lifestyle. I have also Started the fitness guide. It is so hard but so effective! Nora is always there to answer any questions and cheer you on. It is changing the way my body looks. I’ve never felt stronger!! 

I can’t recommend this program enough. I’m a working mama of 3 little girls and I’ve never felt better!!!"- Sarah P

"I just completed my 3rd cycle & have loved everything about Luminous Life!!! Prior to doing this, I didn't even know what 'counting macros' meant! Kate was very informative, helpful, and SOOOOO motivating throughout this entire process. Being provided with a customized nutrition plan, grocery lists, and suggestions for eating out (so helpful!!), I lost 10 lbs after the 2nd cycle! Thank you to Kate & Nora for also motivating me to get my workout on!! Luminous Life has been incredibly motivating & I would highly recommend this to anyone & everyone!!"- Lindsay M.

"Love working with these gals! Great support and feedback, and easy-to-follow, accessible nutrition and fitness plans. Highly recommend!"- Molly K.

"Kate has done such an amazing job guiding me through my nutrition plan. I have lost about 7lbs during my first cycle and feel so ready to try on my wedding dress again! Her constant inspiration, positivity, and overall knowledge keeps me in check (but also doesn’t make me feel bad at all for caving). I am so happy I found a healthier life style that also came with a great coach!"- Maria G.

"Amazing! These girls work their butts off and take you along for the journey! Always available for questions and spend so much time focused on your individual plan and needs! Highly recommend!"- Amy J.

"I have so much more energy and feel great following the easy macro plan that was put together for me. I also haven’t been this active since having my first daughter two years ago! Thank you!"- Cassie E.

"I highly recommend Luminous Life! I followed a general macro plan before becoming a client, but getting one customized for my goals and lifestyle has been a game changer! Kate is very accessible and easy to work with. Thank you!"- Marykate H.

"Luminous life has seriously changed my approach to food and exercise! Before tracking my macros I was overeating by HUNDREDS of calories a day without even realizing it and not eating enough of the “right” foods to see lasting results. Working with Kate and Nora has helped me simplify my life and get my eating and work out schedule under control! I have only been doing this for about six weeks and have already noticed serious changes in my body (and have even had friends and family comment about it as well!). Both the girls are so receptive and easy to work with, there is seriously no stupid question you can ask them. 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND."- Erin K.

"Every time I try to diet, I feel like I’m torturing myself and end up throwing in the towel. With Luminous Life, tracking macros was easy and didn’t leave me bored or feeling unsatisfied! Kate created a personal nutrition plan for me that followed my on the go lifestyle which was a huge benefit. Let me also mention Luminous Life has a great support group that shares delicious recipes and helps keep you motivated! (Especially with those healthy hangover meals 😉) Thank you Lynch girls for pushing me into a healthier lifestyle! I highly recommend this for anyone who wants flexible eating with results!"- Elizabeth S.

"Thank you luminous life for introducing me to macros:) I have learned so much about not only eating right but exactly how much to eat of the right and wrong foods. I love luminous life because you can still live life and do not have to eliminate any certain food from your diet. Kate provided me with a individualized plan for my body and goals and also was so helpful in giving nutrition tips that would assist in my everyday day life. 
One of the best perks to this program is the grocery lists and recipes that they provide. I often feel my diets would fail because I got bored of the same old foods. With luminous life and their guidance through my weekly fitness and nutrition I was able to accomplish many of my goals:) thanks for teaching me the importance of meal prep and checking labels 💪🏼😘 I highly recommend taking the journey!!"- Meghan C

"Ive been trying to shed an extra ten pounds off my 5’3 frame for the past three years. Literally I’ve tried everything. Expensive group workout classes, fad shake diets, eating nothing but salads etc. Since I’ve been part of the luminous life community I lost 5 pounds within the past month. Kathleen Leeney and Nora Lynch are there for you every step of the way, and I’ve never had to sacrifice the foods I love. 100% highly recommend."- Meghan S.

"Love this workout guide!! I’m all about metabolic workouts and these are perfection - hard and short enough that it’s doable. I’ve been doing them during my lunch at the gym in my work building. Such a great alternative to classes. 10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting to start a new chapter in their fitness regimen. Thank you so much for making this Nora!!!"- Nora E.

"I can not recommend this fitness program enough! I’ve never ever felt so good in my life! I struggled to lose the baby weight after my second child and I thought that I’d never get my pre-baby body back. Well, thanks to this program... I lost the weight and I’m more toned than I was before kids!! The workouts are easy to follow (not to be mistaken for easy.. the workouts are not easy lol, they are challenging but in a good way.) I like that I can customize a 35-45 minute workout depending on how much time I have and still have great results. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get fit! You also don’t need fancy exercise equipment, just dumbbells, mini bands and sliders...or paper plates 😂. Thank you so much Nora, I love my body and it’s all thanks to your program. I hope you’ll make a 2.0 version!"- Jackie W.

"Luminous Life is great! The girls are super responsive, always willing to answer questions, and SUPER motivating!"- Lindsey N.

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