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“I first kicked off this journey with Kate when she started Luminous Life.  I was on and off, hot and cold but always loved being a part of a group that I knew was working to do good things for and by themselves.  Even if I was not doing a Luminous challenge, I have always very much embraced the community around Luminous Life.  


Now, I can say, I am fully invested. And with good reason! The app has been a game-changer for me.  Being able to hold everything in one place that connects all my tools is what keeps me going.  It's not over-complicated and it's such a positive thing to be able to share recipes, workouts, mindfulness, whatever you feel.  I find it so encouraging.  


Kate has created such a welcoming, well-run, healthy space not only through the app but through all of the outlets she runs.  I know that I can reach out to her whenever I need something, have good new to share, am excited about a recipe or just about anything else.  She is always there with an excited, proud and positive response.  


You don't have to be living luminously just because you want to lose weight, there are so many more reasons you should want to be apart of this supportive and growing community! I am happy every day to be a part of it”- TABITHA H.


“I discovered Luminous Life after seeing some friends' posts on social media. I knew that this program would be the perfect fit as soon as I got off of my initial phone consult with Kate. Her optimism, kindness, and positivity over the past 3 months have really driven me to make positive changes on my health journey.


While my initial goal was weight loss, the Luminous Life mentality really encourages taking care of your mind, moving your body, and fueling yourself with the best possible foods. I've adapted that mindset and am weaving it into my childrens' lives, too.


While I haven't yet reached my goal on the scale, I know that the Luminous Life program will be my guiding light throughout my journey. The community of women that Kate has brought together is incredible! I see encouragement and inspiration from these ladies each and every day; they certainly keep me pushing forward. And as my 5 year old likes to remind me, always strive for progress, not perfection."-MARY KATE B.


“Honestly, there aren’t enough words to describe how thankful I am to have been referred to Luminous Life. Coming into it, I had a really closed minded way at looking at food and eating. If I wanted to lose weight then that meant I couldn’t eat all my favorite things. With the help of Luminous, it’s really taught me that being healthy isn’t cutting out everything I like. It’s about finding the balance and overall creating a healthier lifestyle in the kitchen and outside of it (which I never knew were so connected!)Yeah, are some days hard-absolutely! But it’s worth it to feel this good everyday! I’ve always struggled to reach my health and fitness goals, but with the support from this group and the real conversations we have I’ve been able to hit almost every single one!  It’s an amazing feeling, and I can’t wait to continue down this journey with these awesome ladies in this group. Goodbye to all the diets; and hello to self love and tasty food.”- VICTORIA Z.


“I joined the Spring challenge with Luminous Life hoping to establish a better routine for my mind and my body. I finished six week strong and feel absolutely unstoppable!! 


I think the most important and noteworthy step for me was that I WASN’T EATING ENOUGH FOOD! Once I started tracking my food and weighing my portions, I noticed I could eat way more. This was key because I finally saw my body toning up because it was getting enough nutrition. 


In addition to teaching me the proper amount and how to fuel my body, the #luminiouslife also cleared my mind. I set intentional goals to turn off screens, read more books, meditate, volunteer, and be more present in everyday life. 


My skin is looking so fresh (hello daily hydration goals!), my body is feeling so strong, and my mind is focused on great things! I truly couldn’t be happier with the program & I will definitely be a continued member!”- CLAIRE R.


“The Spring Awakening Challenge was the perfect combination of nutrition, movement, mindfulness and self- care. 


The Luminous Life community is filled with so many inspiring women who are transforming their lives! From sharing our non scale victories to our morning routine struggles, there is no judgment in this space only encouragement!! 


Kate is an amazing coach and she shares a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, movement and mindfulness. The weekly check-in was personalized to my specific goals and helped me stay focused throughout the challenge.


On the days I was lacking motivation I would just click on the app and there was a new recipe, a movement challenge or an inspiring quote to completely change my mindset for the day. 


When you surround yourself with positive energy it will radiate into all areas of your life. Finding balance and making this a lifestyle for my family has been the most rewarding experience.”- REBECCA O.


“I was an “observer” of the Luminous Life Instagram feed for quite some time.  Finally, I decided to stop the “I’ll start Monday” attitude and I reached out to Kate.  That same day Kate emailed me back and we set up a call to talk about my goals and the rest is history!

Since that conversation I learned how to to clean up my meals and work on a positive mindset.  I’ll be honest when I first got the email with all of the grocery lists and meal ideas I was overwhelmed...but through the app I was able to see what everyone else was prepping and realized nutritious food to fuel your body doesn’t have to be complex!  This isn’t another’s a lifestyle that’s sustainable.

I look forward to meal prepping, hydrating, getting my movement in and taking time for myself.  Mama’s are really hard on themselves and this group of women have inspired me to be the best version of myself for not only me but for my family.  Can’t wait to continue this journey.”-KELLI M.


“Luminous Life has been everything I needed at this point in my life.  Having two babies back to back, I really allowed the “You just had a baby excuse” to throw away all my nutrition values.  
I strive off of accountability, and Kate gave me all that and more!! In just 6 short weeks I made huge drops on the scale, have a clearer mentality and actually look forward to meal prepping. I’ve learned so much about choosing better products, adding spice to meals and have gained an awesome group of support.  This program has helped me throw away the term diet, and replace with lifestyle.   A true and realistic lifestyle!  I love everything Luminous Life has given me and can’t wait to see where I grow from here!”- RAE B.


“As a soon to be bride of 2021 I am extremely grateful to Kate and the Luminous life community! In only 1 month I feel like I’ve made significant strides and am now down 5.7 lbs. I commend Kate for creating an app that made it so easy to track my progress and provides a community of support and delicious recipes. With all of Kate’s tips and tricks I feel like I’ve discovered a secret formula that has made this change in lifestyle successful. My biggest wins have been learning about nutrition while feeling the difference and seeing the number on the scale drop. I can’t thank Kate enough. She has taught me more about my body than any doctor/coach/trainer I’ve had. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Kate for your dedication to all of us. Soon I’ll get to show some pictures FINALLY feeling comfortable in my wedding dress!”- YIXEL P.


"Since I started Luminous Life, I have grown and changed in so many ways- all of them GOOD.  Kate has helped, and continue to help me to better myself as a whole. For example, I no longer go to the store in fear of choosing items that might not be as healthy or clean as I think because I am now confident in my abilities to choose the cleaner options.  I don’t feel like I need to always use an app to track my days because I am now so much more aware of what I’m putting into my body.  I don’t limit myself and I allow myself to not feel guilty if I am not always perfect with my choices.  I find myself actually craving healthier options even after long days at work (NEVER used to do this).  Working out used to be the main aspect of my attempts at a healthy lifestyle and now it’s still an aspect but I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day.  I allow myself to rest when I need to and take time for myself without feeling guilty. Kate, Nora and the whole LL community have truly changed who I am as a person and I am so thankful for all they’ve taught me.  I cannot wait to continue bettering myself!"-KATIE K.


Ahh where to begin with Luminous Life and how wonderful Kate & Nora are!? I had been following LL for a while and was actually doing Nora's on-demand subscription (killer workouts!) before I finally reached out to join one of their challenges. I always admired their viewpoint on health and fitness and the content they shared which was always so uplifting and encouraging. When I started to learn more about the mindset part and how they incorporated it into their overall health journey, I knew it was time to finally get out of my comfort zone and join a challenge - and I am SO happy I did! They understand that health isn't just eating healthy and working out, but that a healthy mindset plays a huge role, and I truly think that is what sets them apart. In the past 4-5 months, I have worked out more, eaten healthier and cleared my mind more than I ever have before, because I'm finally learning through their program that it makes me feel GOOD both mentally and physically whereas before I saw it as a way to just try and get skinny. I feel so much more confident, stronger and just happier overall since joining LL and I could not recommend Kate and Nora more. Not only are they so knowledgeable in the nutrition and fitness fields - they are both so kind and genuine and truly want the best for their clients."-MOLLY C.


“My Luminous journey began after I won a free month nutrition plan from Kate and app access through an Instagram giveaway. I was first hesitant to begin (only for my own insecurities), but it was actually the best thing that has happened to me. Kate is beyond helpful! She breaks down a goal for you and gives you all the tools to achieve your goal. She is encouraging, kind, and supportive every step of the way. She shares weekly check-ins, tips for your meals, and encouraging newsletters. Aside from Kate, the app has excellent resources with subgroups and support. The women on the app are constantly sharing recipes, motivation, and tips.


In just one month, I saw significant changes in my weight, body, and mindset. I didn’t set a specific weight goal when starting my first month. I knew I wanted to lose weight, but ideally I just wanted to feel better about myself. Luminous Life has done just that! It changed my health both mentally and physically! I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can accomplish while learning and growing through Kate and Luminous Life!”- MEG S.

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