Hi, I'm Kate!

I am a nutrition and wellness coach that believes that taking time for you is taking time for your long term health. 

Our health is a product of what we eat: I believe in eating lean proteins, things grown from the ground, and healthy fats. I have a huge focus on ingredients and label reading. I believe this not only helps your with your short-term health goals, but long-term health goals. I will teach you how to find the time to focus on yourself and what to eat to fuel your body in the best way possible.

Our health is a product of our mindset: I believe that taking care of your mind is the #1 thing you can do for yourself. I believe in self-care through mindset practices that I have been practicing for years.

Our health is a product of our actions: I believe in taking small action toward your big visions every day is what is going to set you up for success. I believe that your daily actions will add up and you will create the visions that you have for yourself and your life.

People often think about wellness in terms of only physical health, but it’s so much more. Wellness is an integration of fueling your body, engaging your mind, moving your body in ways that feel good, and nurturing yourself.

Health starts with how you think and feel. It’s about all of the loving things that you do for yourself. We will focus a ton on nutrition, mindset, and movement. We all have unique goals and intentions, so let's set up a call to see how I can help you with them! Are you ready to step into your most radiant and confident self? Fill out the questionnaire below to set up a discovery call!

1:1 Coaching Program Details

3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month packages available

  • 3 (60 minute) monthly private zoom calls per month

  • Voxer message (walkie-talkie app) support in between sessions

  • Luminous Wellness App Access 

1:1 Coaching Packages Next Steps...

1. Fill out the application below. The application will tell me how this program will fit into your life and if it's a good fit.

2. Once I review your application, we can set up a discovery call to chat. If we decide it's a good fit, you will be on your way to some BIG changes!