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Luminous Wellness

Nutrition. Mindset. Movement. Community. App.

As a certified NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Nutrition Coach, and NASM Personal Trainer-Kate offers nutrition and wellness coaching to everyone and anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. As a busy mama, she knows how hard it can be to find time to focus on YOU. 


Whether you are looking for guidance on eating foods for the most vibrant energy, weight loss plan, muscle gain plan, family meal planning, or are looking to spice up your already existing wellness program- Luminous Wellness is here for you.

Our community and NEW app for women was created to empower women to choose foods, movement, and mindset routines that nourish and strengthen their bodies while doing what they love in the process. It's not a fad diet or temporary fix, but a lifestyle encompassed by balance and joy that is sustainable for the long-term. Kate always challenges her clients to find their "why" behind specific intentions with their nutrition. Through her own journey, she finally found a way to achieve her health, nutrition, and wellness goals without a restrictive diet or cutting foods out of her life and she wants the same thing for you - that is the why behind Luminous Wellness.



"I cannot express how much I’ve learned from my time with Luminous Life, so much so that I’m not sure where to start! I’ve been health/fitness conscious for years, but always aimless when it came to nutrition. To slim down, I would usually do extreme (i.e. unsustainable) calorie restrictions and eat nothing but salads. Kate educated me on the importance of macronutrient balance, as well as suggestions for recipes and groceries that would make it easier to hit my targets.

Now, as a member of the LL App, I get to engage in daily chats with this amazing group of people and share recipes, grocery lists and workout suggestions (as well as hilarious stories of Costco trips gone wrong). I never leave those chats without a smile, and I love making new friends and being inspired by their achievements and drive.


Finally, Luminous Life implements a mindset component to bring your health full circle, and I think that’s what really sets it apart. On top of being super knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness, Kate is always so kind and supportive in her feedback, and constantly reminding everyone that perfection should never be the focus of your health goals. I think feeling supported is key when adapting new habits, and that mental health is as important as physical health—something that is clearly echoed throughout the LL messaging and education. The mindfulness exercises, journaling prompts, and candid discussions around our struggles serve as an important reminder that we are all powerful, flawed, and perfectly imperfect on our path to the best version of ourselves. I’m so very grateful to be part of this tribe, and looking forward to watching it grow."-Molly K.



“I’ve been so grateful to find a community that mirrors my own health goals. Done with fad diets, quick fixes and restrictions- this process is the exact opposite. It’s about viewing your health holistically and making choices that support your overall goals. For me, my goals have been self-care focused. Prioritizing my health so that I can be the best version of me for my family.


From meal prepping to planning movement, journaling or working on sleep- this community supports it all! Also showing myself some kindness when none of that happens, knowing I can start over tomorrow or at my next meal. My health journey is far from over and I’m glad I have the luminous life community to keep me motivated, inspired and supported.”- Kathleen D.

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