We can't wait to support you in all of your goals! Monthly Membership is available for previous or current clients. 

New Clients: Because our nutrition programs include app access, we invite you to purchase one of those so that you can understand the foundation of Luminous Life Nutrition before moving into a monthly membership.


Please allow 48 hours for app set up so that it can be tailored to your unique goals. If you want to reach out before purchasing on our site to allow for app set up, please reach out to luminouslifenow@gmail.com

Step Into Your Goals

  • Nutrition Membership

    Every month
    Monthly Nutrition Membership/App Access
    • Goal Setting: Nutrition, Movement, Mindfulnesss
    • Meals/Recipes
    • One Hour Zoom Q+A Per Week (Office Hours)
    • Exclusive App: Two-Way Chat + Nutrition Feedback
    • Groups Within App For Community (Recipes, Grocery, Mindset)
    • Updated Nutrition Goals As Needed
    • Weekly Nutrition Feedback (I can see your meals in the app).
    • Weekly Newsletter
  • Mini Nutrition

    Every month
    Monthly Access -Previous Clients Only
    • Weekly Newsletter (Recipes, Mindset Focus, Nutrition Focus)
    • App Access + Group/Community Access
    • Updated Nutrition Goal As Needed



Below are some common questions and answers to FAQ for the Luminous Life Nutrition App that I gathered! 


Q: What are the ways that you can track nutrition in the app?


A: There are so many different options for you to monitor your goals and what you are putting into your body. The first option is you having a SPECIFIC goal and getting weekly feedback on your meals. It’s nice because your meals can be synced to the app so it’s not extra work on your end. Some people don’t have a super SPECIFIC goal, but just want to eat overall cleaner and healthier! Some of the things that goal-getters are checking off daily in the app are: portion sizes (pictures provided for you), eating more proteins, eating more carbohydrates, eating more healthy fats, eating more vegetables, hydration focus, and being more mindful at meals. You are able to check off these goals daily in the app! 


Q: What are some of the other app features?


There are four groups in the app community section: mindfulness, recipes, grocery staples and a general monthly group. The community is so fun, welcoming, and inspiring! You also choose (3) goals (every 6-weeks) outside of nutrition that you can check off daily! Some of these include: doing a morning practice, nighttime digital detox, prioritize self-care, celebrate the wins, practice gratitude, and so many more!


Q: Can I just join the app?

A: It is recommended to do a LL nutrition program and the app is included if you are a new client. This is an initial 6-week cost and helps you to understand the nutrition process and focus on your goals. After that, you have the option to stay on as a monthly member! Previous members are always welcomed back! :)