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Do you struggle on the weekends or after the weekends? Read this.

By: Kate Leeney- NASM CPT, Nutrition Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Founder of Luminous Wellness

When working with 1:1 nutrition clients, they fill out a form twice per month before we meet on zoom and we focus on learning, meal planning, and routines/habits.

A few ideas on this:

-Life is to be enjoyed! The goal with nutrition is not for you to live isolated and focus on eating healthy 100% of the time. The goal is to find a great balance in your life where you WANT to reach for healthier foods from a place of wanting to feel great energy and a place of treating your body well. The goal is to never “punish yourself” or feel any time of shame around your choices.

-I have been working with this amazing lady for months now and a lot has changed. We focused a lot eating clean foods, reading labels, and coming up with recipes that taste super good to her! In that process, she has FELT how good it feels when she focuses on her nutrition. She no longer felt like she would start again on Monday or that she didn’t like the typical “diet” foods that she was eating.

-When she goes out to eat now, she gets what she wants (as she should). At her next meal she naturally seems to choose a healthy options because she doesn’t believe in the all or nothing mentality anymore. If she knows she has a crazy busy weekend, she does a grocery shop on Thursday so that she has meals on hand for Sunday/Monday.

-How did she get here? Practice, daily habits, trial and error, listening to her body, and eating foods that she loves and enjoys.

Here are some tips that I give my 1:1 coaching clients:

-Do a grocery shop on Thursday night and create meals and flavors that you love and enjoy. I love looking up Whole30 or Paleo recipes for a Sunday night dinner, grilling meats, and cooking different things on the weekends than during the week to spice things up. Almost all of my clients agree that they run out of groceries on Thursday then wing it for the rest of the weekend. Create an exciting plan for yourself.

-Continue to do things in your routine from the week and bring them into your weekends. Still workout, still have your smoothie for snack, still hydrate, and still aim to have clean meals because it’s what makes you feel your best!

-Move your body as you normally do. Even if you aren’t doing your normal workouts, do some mobility or go for a long walk!

-Enjoy yourself! Get what you want off the menu, go out and have some cocktails, and move on from it. It can only become a problem when you are feeling OFF from the things that you are doing- and only you can know if things make you feel high energy or low energy.When we don’t have the all or nothing mentality, we create a lasting lifestyle. Let’s avoid the “diet starts tomorrow mentality”.

-The weekend takes up 43% of your week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) so make sure that you are doing things that truly make you h appy. If something doesn’t feel right for you, it probably isn’t.

I am so proud today and everyday of all of the amazing humans that I get to work with!

Interested in 1:1 coaching? We are excepting new ladies to start on November 19th. Apply below!

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