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Easy Crockpot Chicken Meal Ideas

Updated: Apr 3

By: Kate Leeney- NASM CPT, Nutrition Coach, FNS

Weeknight dinners can be a lot when you are busy with everyday life. I have heard so much feedback from women in the Luminous Wellness community that finding time can be so hard to make easy meals! Here are six of my top easy meals to make during your week that have very minimal prep time. It's super easy and you will love to make them with no stress!

1) Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce: I love this sauce and you can do so much with it! After you throw it in the crockpot with chicken- the possibilities are endless. You can throw it over a caesar salad, serve with a pan fried potato with ghee + vegetables, make sandwiches on clean ingredient bread, or serve over quinoa + vegetables.

2) Siete Green Enchilada Sauce: This sauce is delicious and I use it on EVERYTHING. The easiest thing to do with this sauce is to make tacos, but I have used it on brown rice with peppers + onions as well. Finally, this makes awesome leftovers if you want to fry it up in a pan with egg + potatoes to make a little skillet!

3)Kettle and Fire Mushroom Bone Broth Soup: I love this brand + all of the flavors. I had a hard time choosing this flavor or the broccoli cheddar for this post! I love using this over pasta because it reminds me of a marsala base with chicken. You can also use this over pan fried potatoes with vegetables.

4)Kevin's Teriyaki Sauce: I am a huge fan of these sauces because you can add them to crockpot meals or use in a skillet for your dinners. For the teriyaki sauce, I love to use over pad thai brown rice noodles or brown rice with vegetables. It's super flavorful and fast!

5)Yai Thai's Sweet Chili Sauce: This sauce is so good and I love the sweetness to it! I use it over rice and a vegetable or I use it for tacos with a flare. It's a family favorite!

6) Kevin's Classic Taco Sauce: I love using this over sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables and adding a little extra green sauce on top. Also, obviously use it on tacos!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Throw it a like or share it with a friend to see more posts like these! :) I love hearing feedback about content and tools that are useful for you.

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