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Easy Sauce Swaps For Your Meal Prep!

Updated: Jan 17

By: Kate Leeney- NASM PT, Nutrition Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

One of my best friends daughter made me a magnet that says, “it’s all about the sauce”. I love it because it truly is and it has become a staple in the Luminous Wellness Community.

I realized years ago that I loved putting the best protein, carbs, and fats into my diet because it gave me so much energy and really aligned with my goals.

However, I found myself getting bored all of the time with meals like chicken, brown rice, and broccoli. This is where all the sauces came in! This is also why being creative with the ingredients and recipes that I choose is key!

Here are some things that I like to look for when I am stocking my pantry/refrigerator with sauces…

1. INGREDIENTS: I am always looking for sauces with the most minimal ingredients. As far as oils, sauces with avocado oil or olive oil are best. You can see in the examples how many sauces have minimal ingredients and how many sauces do not. I am not perfect with this, no one is, but I challenge you to try to start reading labels. It’s super opening!

2. VARIETY: When I am planning meals for myself and my family for the week, I am always thinking about different flavors and variety.

3.SUBSTITUTIONS: I am constantly thinking about how I can create cleaner recipes from old school ideas + meals. A great example of this is substituting Primal Kitchen Garlic Alfredo for traditional Alfredo sauce. These small choices equal big results with your overall health! Costco, Meijer, and Aldi are all offering so many more clean ingredient sauces. Keep your eyes open for them :)

I hope you enjoy these swaps! We are constantly sharing new sauce swaps in our Grocery Staple section of the app. It’s an amazing way to make small shifts in your daily meals.

This is what sets us apart from most nutrition programs. Yes, meeting your body composition goals is great- but longterm health and wellness is equally as important!

I have two spots open for 1:1 Nutrition Coaching in February! We meet on zoom at LEAST twice a month + we make a plan to reach your biggest goals, I look at your meals through out the month, and provide daily support in between calls. Check out all the details below!

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