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Lunch Ideas

Kate Leeney: NASM Nutrition Coach, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Personal Trainer


I recently got a request to show what my lunches look like during the week!

Most of the recipes that you see on my instagram are fun recipes or things that I like to on the weekends. Below is the daily format that I have been following for my lunches for years!




Like, every day.👏🏻😊

I also tell most of my clients to follow this format. I always felt like the typical lunch foods never filled me up and kept me fueled. A salad or sandwich is so good, but I always found my self hungry an hour later. This is format that has worked for so many people! I post these meals in the app but I wanted to show some here! These aren’t my typical pretty pictures but it’s real + what I eat daily!

I used to bring this stuff when I was a teacher and meal prep it for 2 days at a time. Now I typically make my lunch at home.

Make it work for your schedule and make a plan to fuel yourself well.

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1. 99% lean ground chicken, rice, sautéed kale in ghee butter, @carusoprovisions peppers, 1 tbsp @tessemaes ranch

2. Air fryer shrimp, rice, sautéed kale, @sirkensingtons sauce

3. @marianosmarket turkey burger, cauliflower gnocchi with red sauce, broccoli

4. Shredded crockpot chicken, @rightrice , asparagus, broccoli cheese soup @kettleandfire

5. @lotusfoods brown rice pad thai noodles, 99% lean ground chicken, micro greens, @primalkitchenfoods no soy teriyaki

6. BBQ crockpot chicken using @thenewprimal sauce, quinoa, broccoli

7. Ground turkey meatballs (I am always changing the flavors), air fryer potatoes, green beans, green sauce

8. Grilled chicken with @sietefoods queso + @carusoprovisions peppers, asparagus, potatoes

9. Air fryer chicken with capers, lemon juice, + chive @kitehillfoods dairy free cream cheese, edamame pasta, yellow peppers

Which one will you be trying?!

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