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My Very Personal Health Journey

By: Kate Leeney- Owner of Luminous Wellness

Hi! If you are newer to my content, my name is Kate and I am the owner of Luminous Wellness. You may not know how passionate I am about women being gentle with themselves and taking their TIME on their journey. 

True progress is created from gentle consistency on a day to day basis. 

Social media can mess with a lot of people and we are constantly surrounded by information these days. It’s not realistic to lose 10 pounds in a month, gain a ton of muscle, and arrive at your idea of perfect health in a short time.

Health is a lifelong journey and something that can eb and flow in different seasons of our lives. 

And to the moms out there- I also wanted to say that I have a 3 1/2 year old and 1 1/2 year old. With both my kids, it took me a year plus some to feel like myself again. I really believe that messages on social can tell you otherwise- and I wanted to share my truth to help other women.

With my oldest, I did a lot more cardio and I felt like my whole body hurt. I had hip pain, ankle pain, and felt mentally and physically drained. When my youngest came along, I decided to focus on my mental health and gaining muscle (and not focusing on the scale). With both kids I did prioritize protein and clean ingredients (and truly believe this helped my physical and mental health so much). My goal will be continue to eat healthy for energy and gain/maintain muscle.

I am pretty private on here, but wanted to help other women who I don’t coach who follow me on this platform. I see so many women get frustrated by the scale. It can ruin someones day, derail you from your health journey progress, and cause a lot of anxiety/sadness in some cases. I see it effect women on day to day basis.

I shared a lot more on specifics with my 1:1 coaching clients and my community/app but I just want to say this. I set out on a year journey to gain muscle and get stronger. I got two body scans (11 months apart) at @wholesomewellnessllc and I put my information in the picture below. I have also been working out and eating healthy for years. If you are new on this journey, I wanted to emphasize that this takes TIME.

I wanted to show this because in the past 11 months the weight on the SCALE did not change much at all. When you are gaining muscle, the actual scale may not show much of a difference. 

I also wanted to share this because I am tired of women feeling like what they are doing for their health isn’t enough- what you are doing is enough. Stay the course.

My intention for this post is to let you know to keep going and tune into the things that make you feel good. Also, to focus on how you feel and not make your sole focus on the scale.

Slow and steady is where true progress comes from. 

Consistency week after week is what will get you to your longterm goals. 

I know that all of the noise out there is LOUD and I get it. 

Don’t listen to it, a lot of it is fake anyways.

Follow what feels the best in your body and follow the things that give you the most energy. 

Continue to tune into your body after your meals and workouts. 

Look out for a post on wellness and nutrition tips to implement in your journey soon! AND if you are in the NWI area, check out @wholesomewellnessllc for an in depth body scan that shows a much bigger picture than the scale at home! If you are in the Chicagoland area, I have a place where you can go as well. DM me for info.

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