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Coconut Chocolate Protein Oats + Why You Should Meal Prep

Updated: Jan 26

Kate Leeney: NASM Nutrition Coach, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Personal Trainer

Why You Should Meal Prep + Coconut Protein Oats

Why should we meal prep?

I used to be a teacher and I would always pack my meals and snacks for work for many reasons, but the biggest was that I wanted to feel good energy and be consistent.

I didn’t want to resort to running out to grab lunch, getting so hungry I had a headache, or be starving after work and eat whatever was in the kitchen when I got home. If you feel this when you are out and about and working, read on!

Having a plan and keeping your body fueled is a good way to make sure that you stay consistent with your goals, keep your body fueled properly, and have the most energy to get through your days.

I would always eat breakfast at home, plan a mid-morning snack, a lunch that was nutrient dense and followed a protein/carb/veggie/fat/sauce format, an afternoon snack, and sometimes a little snack for the ride home. If you say you don’t have time for this, you do. You can choose to create time for the things that are most important to you in any area.

This can be super simple and there is nothing wrong with eating the same meals every day. If you like them and they are easy for you, do it! Here is a great breakfast idea for your meal prep next week!

Coconut Chocolate Protein Oats

I love a good bowl and this was such a great breakfast!

It’s jam packed with fantastic ingredients that will keep you full and satisfied.

The flavor was so good and it’s a great change up from the savory egg vibe that a lot of people do for healthy breakfast! You can substitute the chocolate for vanilla protein and it would be just as good. Save this for when you need a change up!

This serves one:


-1/4 cup whole grain oats

-1 scoop protein (I used @bewellbykelly)

-1 ripe banana (smashed)

-1 tbsp chia seed

-1 tbsp flaxseed

-2 tbsp coconut cream

-1/4 cup blueberries

-sprinkle of cinnamon


-Make your oats according to directions on the package

-Add in 2-3 tbsp of water and mix in protein

-Smash your banana in the mixture and mix well

-Add seeds, coconut cream, blueberries, and sprinkle of cinnamon on top

Looking for more consistency in your life? I got you!

I have been in the spot of never knowing what to eat to reach the place that I wanted to be in mentally and physically.

I would eat smoothies, salads, lean meats + vegetables or typical diet foods to try to reach my goals. Every time I would end up starving, not satisfied, depleted, and ready to look for something different.

If you feel this way, you are not alone. 97% of the women that I have worked with are not eating enough and fueling their bodies properly to meet their goals.

I wanted real change but didn’t have the tools to create that change in my own life. I would start a trending diet but I could never be consistent with it. I finally figured out an amazing method and have been consistent ever since. I created a real lasting lifestyle change that I know will last forever.

If you are feeling like you are ready for real change, this program is for you! Get ready to be around likeminded women with similar goals and a VERY excited coach to help you on your journey!

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