Step into the bright, shiny, sparkly, mama that you are! This plan has a huge focus on nutrient timing and real/whole foods. We design this plan to create balance while being a busy mama.  Nutrition and meal planning gives you energy throughout the day so that you can tackle whatever comes your way. This plan is all done with WHOLE foods to keep you feeling your best! invest in you and show yourself some love with this plan.


NOTE: This plan includes WEEKLY feedback on your meals for 1 month.


Customized Plan Based On Questionnaire

  • 3-5 pages focused on YOU


Eating Out Guide

Includes tips and meal choices for what to order at restaurants. Also included in the guide is the following restaurant types: Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, and American.


12-Weeks of Meal Ideas (Breakfasts,Snacks,Lunches,Dinners)


My Favorite Grocery Lists (Whole Foods, Aldi, Thrive Market, Trader Joe’s, and an overall generic grocery list).


NEW Exclusive Luminous App Access

  • 1 Month App Access Included With Option For Monthly Membership After
  • Luminous Mindset Focus of the week
  • Recipes
  • One hour Q+A via zoom per week- “office hours”
  • Exclusive app for goal-getters that includes nutrition feedback, meals, chat, and goal setting
  • Exclusive group within the app for collaboration, recipes, and new friends with specific goals


*Because your experience is completely catered to your needs, you will hear from us within 48 hours to fill out your custom questionnaire. 

The Luminous Mama Bundle 2.0