The benefits of working with a personal trainer virtually are mostly the same as working with them in person with the bonus of convenience. When it comes to staying consistent with a goal, there needs to be some skin in the game and a way to be kept accountable, and that’s precisely what personal training provides. This packaging includes: 

  • Customized training plan tailored to YOUR specific goals
  • Exercise tutorials
  • Exercise modifications and progressions
  • Form corrections
  • Weekly check-in via zoom to review plan, ask questions, and much more!
  • Pricing is dependent upon days/sessions per week:
    • 5 sessions per week: $130 
    • 4 Sessions per week: $110
    • 3 sessions per week: $85
    • 2 sessions per week: $60
    • 1 session per week: $30

Virtual Personal Training/Customized Training Plan