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Bridal Packages + Testimonials



Bridal Packages

6 and 12 month packages available

You should feel your absolute BEST on your special day! We are here to help you step into all of the visions that you have for your special day. Before I was a mama, I was a bride. I wanted to wear a fitted dress and feel stunning on my day. It's my goal to help you feel the same!

Bridal Testimonials


“I highly recommend the Luminous Life Nutrition Program for any brides wanting to feel more confident on their wedding day! I reached out to start the program in eJanuary to prepare for my wedding and have been following the program ever since. I have always been pretty active, but never truly focused on my nutrition. Kate gave me all of the tools to eat the proper foods to fuel my body, while allowing room to still enjoy tacos, pizza, and drinks! It really does become a lifestyle. I fully thought I would “let myself go” after my wedding, but quickly realized that eating good nutritious food makes me feel so much better. Kate provides a ton of info and is super available to help along the way. I am so happy with my transformation and can’t wait to keep it going! Thanks Luminous Life!!”- MOIRA H.


"I first reached out to Kate a few months before our wedding (1st date) with hopes of losing the last bit of baby weight I was struggling with. I was a little intimidated at first because I had no clue what a macro was but was quickly put at ease once receiving my customized nutrition plan. Kate had everything mapped out and was available for any questions I had. It took me a little bit to find the right balance and get used to it but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. I learned about so many foods that I could eat, and delicious recipes I could make for my family that wouldn’t make me feel deprived and reaching for sweets at night time.

With the combination of workouts and my nutrition plan, I was able to shed the last 20  pounds I was hoping to lose.  Along with Kate  came the amazing group of people in the Luminous Life accountability group (including her sister Nora who had amazing workouts to offer). From amazing recipes, to tips when going on vacation, it was a great resource to have. I truly learned how to balance my diet and fuel my body with healthy food and also not feel bad about eating pizza and having a few drinks on the weekend. Not only have I felt the changes physically, but mentally too. I used to dwell on that number on the scale, but quickly learned that is not what defines my health journey (sure it helps but it’s not everything, not even close). I’d highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a change whether it’s weight loss or just feeling better as a whole, the program and people your surrounded with do not disappoint. Thank you Luminous Life for helping me to feel my best on our wedding day,

inside and out."- ASHLEY P.


“2021 looks different for a lot of people, but for me it’s been life changing. Our 2020 wedding was postponed and I joined a bridal support group on Facebook that led me to Kate who was looking to help us brides meet our weight loss goals and it made all the difference. When ordering my dress I was asked if I planned to lose any weight and I said yes, 15 pounds. The stylist replied, most brides just say that but don’t do it so you should keep it in the size that fits now. Here I am in August of 2021 on my wedding day 16 pounds lighter. My dress was saved by alterations and I felt more confident than ever before. I finally did it, I reached my goal and it’s in huge part thanks to everything I learned with Kate and her amazing community at Luminous Life. I am so used to being afraid of looking at my pictures because like most, I point out everything I wish wasn’t there, but all I heard that day was “you look beautiful!” and I believed it for the first time in my life. The growth will not end here. There is so much value to what I’ve learned and having been diagnosed with hypothyroidism it is with more reason that I continue to stay on track. Taking care of our health is the best investment so I encourage anyone who wants to make this change to start now! Thank you again Kate for changing the way I see myself and your constant words of encouragement. You are a GEM!” - YIXEL P.

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