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All new, current, and previous nutrition goal-getters are welcome!


Every year before/during the holidays it’s the same thing, “I’ll start in the new year.” This year, we’re going to be different. We are going to step into our best selves and strut into the holidays and we are making it FUN!


Our community is based upon three pillars: nutrition, mindset, and movement. We plan to focus on ALL of these in our app + community of women leading up into the holidays. 


Get ready for...

  • WEEKLY prizes

  • WEEKLY challenges 

  • WEEKLY opportunities to strut your stuff, a whole lot of meal prep + recipes, mindset work, and movement. You will feel refreshed, radiant, and ready to crush the new year!


Dates: November 15th-December 23rd


Weekly Prizes Featuring: 

  • Cauli Crunch

  • Lesserevil Snacks,

  • 4th and Heart Ghee Butter

  •  Suja Juice,

  • Lil Bucks

  •  Sunday Scaries CBD,

  • Core and Rind Cashew Queso

  • The Five Minute Journal

  • My Fit Journal

  • Thrive Market

  • & MORE


New Member Pricing: 

Early bird: October 26th-November 1st (20% off any new program) email to purchase


Full price: November 2nd- November 12th


Previous Clients:

Free with purchase of $20/$60 membership


Current Clients:

Free with membership

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