Feeling good gives us the foundation that we need to grow, develop, to live, and to love. The center of good energy and health comes back to three things: taking time for yourself, loving yourself, and believing you deserve to feel good. If you remember these three things, everything else will follow and be much more simple.


Practicing these things daily will help you to feel happy, healthy, motivated, strong, and full of energy. You will give yourself time to rest, rejuvenate, and replenish yourself at the end of the day.


Health starts with how you think and feel. It’s about all of the loving things that you do for yourself.

Vitality Overview

Week 4 

Week 5:
Treating your body well through movement

Week 6:

Fast food and packaged food are thought of as convenient and inexpensive ways to eat, but we are finding out more that what you eat directly impacts your health. Most people adopt healthier eating habits when they feel better. When you start eating things grown from the ground, lean proteins, and healthy fat– your energy, sleep, and moods improve. You are more motivated and productive. Your energy skyrockets. The benefit of feeling better is priceless.

This week we will do some breathing and breath work to get oxygen into your body and mobility to get some circulation into your tissues. When we are constantly just doing HIIT and beating up our bodies, it's impossible for your nervous system to move out of “fight or flight” and move into “rest and digest mode”. Rest and digest mode allows the body to start healing. When you feel pain with your workouts, it’s not your body being “weak”. It’s your body asking you to make some changes.

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