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JUNE 2023

A group nutrition program to help women regain their health, strength, energy, and power through nutrition coaching.


Program dates: June 19th- July 31st

6 week program


Are you ready to become the healthiest version of yourself this summer?

Let’s do it!


I have been in the spot of never knowing what to eat to reach the place that I wanted to be in mentally and physically.


I would eat smoothies, salads, lean meats + vegetables or typical diet foods to try to reach my goals. Every time I would end up starving, not satisfied, depleted, and ready to look for something different.

If you feel this way, you are not alone. 97% of the women that I have worked with are not eating enough and fueling their bodies properly to meet their goals.


I wanted real change but didn’t have the tools to create that change in my own life. I would start a trending diet but I could never be consistent with it. I finally figured out an amazing method and have been consistent ever since. I created a real lasting lifestyle change that I know will last forever. 

If you are feeling like you are ready for real change, this program is for you! Get ready to be around likeminded women with similar goals and a VERY excited coach to help you on your journey!

What you will receive:

  • A plan based on a questionnaire that you fill out that is created by Kate to reach your unique goals

  • 6 weekly zoom calls that focus on learning about nutrition and fueling your body, hitting your unique goals, and the consistency and mindset tools to get there

  • Private Facebook accountability group

  • Luminous Wellness App Access that features (grocery staples, recipes, meal prep, mindset, and movement)


Week 4 
Appetite, Cravings, and Listening To Your Body

Week 5:
Fast and Easy Nutrition

Week 6:

  • Root causes of cravings

  • Healthy boundaries and honoring what you want and need

  • Different types of hunger

  • Motivation tool & lesson: Fast food and packaged food are thought of as convenient and inexpensive ways to eat, but we are finding out more that what you eat directly impacts your health. Most people adopt healthier eating habits when they feel better. When you start eating things grown from the ground, lean proteins, and healthy fat– your energy, sleep, and moods improve. You are more motivated and productive. Your energy skyrockets. The benefit of feeling better is priceless.

  • Meal prep tips + tricks

  • Nutrition on the go

  • Eating out

  • Motivation Tool + Lesson: This week we will do some breathing to get oxygen into your body and mobility to get some circulation into your tissues. When we are constantly just doing HIIT and beating up our bodies, it's impossible for your nervous system to move out of “fight or flight” and move into “rest and digest mode”. Rest and digest mode allows the body to start healing. When you feel pain with your workouts, it’s not your body being “weak”. It’s your body asking you to make some changes.

Price is $111 per week for 6-weeks!

Please note: you will be charged weekly. Email with questions.

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